Lubricated UHMW Sheet

Duro-Glide® 703 Gray Solid Lube is a lubricated UHMW polymer. The lubricating additive dramatically enhances its non-stick properties. This grade is used mostly in the food industry as it is FDA compliant.

Download the datasheet for this Duro-Glide® UHMW SHEET product.

Duro-Glide 711 Gray Premium is an enhanced UHMW polymer with a molecular weight between 7-9Million.  It is a lubricated polymer with a very low coefficient of friction thanks to a proprietary blend of additives.  It's extremely quiet and virtually eliminates that annoying "squeal" noise made when chain runs across lesser UHMW SHEET. It's ideal for conveyor systems, chain tracks and curves and is FDA compliant.

Duro-Glide 845 Brown is an oil filled UHMW Polymer with 7- 9 million Molecular weight. It was designed for the conveying (table top) industry. The enhanced lubricated oil filler helps on high speed chains or heavy dry run areas of the conveyor. Further, it helps reduce noise levels with its excellent gliding properties. This UHMW is known for great impact strength and abrasion resistance.