Special Applications UHMW Sheet

Duro-Glide® 912 Dry Glide Antistatic is a superior UHMW polymer with a molecular weight of 7 - 9 Million.  This special formulation was designed for the conveying and packaging, canning and material handling industry.  It is excellent for use in dry run conveyor applications.  The antistatic filler additive also reduces static buildup on fast moving equipment. 

Download the datasheet for this Duro-Glide® UHMW SHEET product.

Duro-Glide® 931 Anti-STatic Black is a permanent anti-static / static-reduced UHMW polymer. This material is used for applications where static electricity is undesirable. The pigments, additives, type and quantity meet the cleanliness class for FDA §178.3297.  931 anti-static Black is recommended for food industry applications.

Download the datasheet for this Duro-Glide® UHMW SHEET product.

Duro-Glide 995 Antimicrobial is a UHMW polymer with 7-9 Million molecular weight.  It has excellent anti-microbial protection.  It is highly water repellant and is FDA compliant for the food industry.  It is ideal for other applications, such as hospital protection boards, dairy, bakery, and conveyor systems in the fish, beef and poultry industries. 

Download the datasheet for this Duro-Glide® YHMW SHEET product.

Duro-Glide® UHMW Combo Sheets are ideal wear indicators in the mining, wastewater and lining industries.  when you  start to see the second color, it's time to change out the sheet.  Duro-Glide UHMW Combo Sheets take the guess work out of sheet maintenance.